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Yume means "dream" in Japanese so yumeti means "dream for you". This name was given, hoping to give a little dream and some happiness in the life of those who ware yumeti's creations.

Created in January 2018.

New models are born everyday in a little atelier bright and calm. You can see a beautiful mix of Japanese delicate design and today's French mode in yumeti's collection. 

All the golden metal parts that touches your skin are made of 14k Gold Filled. Under normal wearing conditions and with proper care, 14k Gold filled jewelry can last a lifetime. It does not chip or peel easily as gold plated jewelry does.
Gold-filled contains 1/20 gold of total weight of the product, which is easily 50 - 100 times thicker compared to the gold plated product. 

Aki, a Japanese creator, find beads, stones, gems and littles materials not only in France, but also in Japan, Belgium, USA etc.. wherever she goes!

Each jewelry is original and made with love.

​A little dream for you, it's yumeti!



In a calm, bright, little atelier in Paris,

with happy bossa nova music,

here is a Japanese girl creating.

Her name is Aki.

Since her childhood,

Aki always loved all kinds of handmade.

She started jewelry creation little by little from 2005.

After moving in Paris in 2017,

she made some for her friends' birthday,

they really loved these Japanese French mix style jewelries.

So she decided to start yumeti in 2018

to make more people happy

with her creations.

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